Weekly Workout #1

I’ve been doing these little bodyweight circuits for quite a while now and several friends have been following along (some by choice, my sister because I make her), but I thought it might be time to share them with you too! I’m also toying with the idea of maybe starting a weekly newsletter and thinking about including my workouts for the week in those newsletters. Let me know if that’s something you would be interested in!


Ok so, I’ve got a broken foot at the moment and consequently am missing out on a lot of my normal movements, but it’s definitely forcing me to get creative. Feel free to follow along completely with me, or if you’re looking for more, add in bodyweight squats, burpees, or kettlebell swings for some extra core and leg work. I will hopefully be able to resume my regular workouts, foot included, within the next four weeks.

Some things to know: I am using almost no equipment here. I have an ab mat that I only use for sit-ups (optional, but an incredible tool) and then I have one eight-pound kettlebell and one 15-pound kettlebell, which you can also sometimes find at places like Marshall’s and Target. A large (full) water bottle, medicine ball, dumbbell, small pet or child, or some other mildly challenging weight is just fine for almost all of these movements. Kettlebell swings are the only movement that you’d actually need a kettlebell for, pretty much everything else you can improvise.

I created this spreadsheet with some basic information about each movement, like which muscle group it works and whether it’s weighted, if it’s unilateral (something that needs to be repeated on each side), etc. Each movement also includes a video on how to perform said exercise. I did not create these videos, I just spent an absurd amount of time hunting them down on YouTube. Please save this spreadsheet to use as a reference. Please, I beg of you, please watch these videos before you get started. There is really no room for ego in the gym, even if the gym is your living room. Proper form can make all the difference between seeing results and being stuck on your butt for weeks because of a preventable injury. That’s not what happened with my foot, in case that’s what you were thinking.

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All that said, here are my three little circuits for the week. Repeat 1-3 times. I personally struggle with repetitive movements because of my muscle disease (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read more about that here), so I may repeat the circuit up to three times but spread out throughout the day instead of consecutive rounds. For example, I typically do my first round before I break my fast and then I might do the second before I take the dog out, and the third before dinner. It’s not a requirement to do it that way, but if you’re struggling to repeat the circuit all in one go, take a break and do it again later. It’s also totally okay if you can only do one round and then you’re spent. You moved more than you did yesterday! Keep it up!


  • 6 sit-ups (ab mat)
  • 5 side-lying leg lifts each side
  • 3 10-sec Superman pumps
  • 4 flutter kicks (one rep = both legs)
  • 5 bicep curls (8 or 15lb)


  • 5 pushups (scale to negatives if needed)
  • 3 windmills each side (8 or 15lb)
  • 5 leg lifts
  • 5 glute bridges/hip thrusts
  • 8 Russian twists


  • 3 arm raises each side (8 or 15lb)
  • 5 tricep extension (8 or 15lb)
  • 8 reverse crunches
  • 5 fire hydrants each side
  • 4 side bends each side (8 or 15lb)


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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