What I Eat in a Week: Intermittent Fasting

It’s been a while since I’ve shared What I Eat in a Week and since I haven’t talked much about intermittent fasting on the blog, I thought I could just show you instead.

Intermittent fasting is probably most commonly associated with the ketogenic diet, but the concept is the same regardless of how you eat. There are a lot of different approaches to fasting, but I follow what is most commonly referred to as a “16:8 split”, which means I fast for 16 hours/day and then eat my food within an eight-hour window. I did find that when I stopped eating earlier in the day, I had a lot of trouble sleeping (this is apparently not uncommon) so I shifted my window and now eat between 1pm and 9pm. I have been feeling pretty great with this approach and honestly not having to deal with breakfast is just incredibly convenient – I was never a big fan of eating first thing in the morning anyway.

There are a lot of articles and studies about intermittent fasting, LeanGains is probably the most well-known “group” and I really liked this article about it too.

I digress, you just want to see what I’m eating this week – which, admittedly, was not a great one. Far away meetings, birthday dinner for a friend, PMS, and the week before vacation have definitely knocked me out of my routine for a minute, but this is real life and sometimes this is just what it looks like.


This was a bit of a weird day because I had a meeting in Corvallis so I spent most of the day in the car and didn’t really get a full meal until dinner, but I definitely had lots of good snacks!

Lunch: Brooklyn Biltong Jo’Berg Steakhouse, Green Juice Gummy Bears, Larabar Lemon Bar, Chomps Cracked Pepper, Banana, Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter

Snack: 2 Siete cassava root tortillas with Sir Kensington’s organic mayonnaise and Brooklyn Biltong Jo’Berg Steakhouse, 12oz 2 Towns Cider Hollow Jack

Dinner: Two 3oz beef burgers, 1.5 pieces Wellshire Farms bacon, roasted purple potatoes, Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch dressing


A pretty straightforward and boring food day! A great example of how you can eat healthy and satisfying foods without spending hours in the kitchen.

Lunch: Two eggs, leftover roasted purple potatoes, Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch


Snack: Perfect Pecan Butter + 1 tbsp Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Dinner: Thai Red Curry Chicken with broccoli and spinach


An impromptu lunch date with my love this afternoon! I could have done without the soy right now, but sushi is not something I typically pass up.

Lunch: Syun Izakaya salmon/avocado sushi and scallop nigiri with tamari sauce

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Sushi lunch date with Nick this afternoon 🍣 pretty much the only time you'll ever see me eating rice or soy by choice 👌🏻 I'm finding it easier and easier to eat at home the way I actually want to and makes me feel my best and consequently feeling both mentally more at peace and physically less sick when indulging in some "WORTH IT" favorites when we go out. 🔥 The older I get, the more I realize some of my old flames just aren't worth the consequences they unleash on my body and now I don't really miss them at all. 😘 Pick your battles, enjoy your food freedom, eat all the raw fish, drink some of the weekend wine 🍷 . . . #foodgram #fitfood #f52grams #bestfoodportland #eater #feedfeed #forkyeah #foodgasm #foodies #foodlover #huffposttaste #foodgawker #instayum #tastingtable #eeeeeats #wellness #bekaneggs #paleo #glutenfree #foodblogger #blogger #blog #food #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogfeed #healthylifestyle #sushi #lunchdate #lunch #foodfreedom

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Snack: Perfect Pecan Butter + 1 tbsp Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Dinner: Instant Pot beef goulash with fingerling potatoes


I did not have a great day and then a friend came over for a birthday celebration, so a bit more indulgent than we’d usually go for during the week, but delicious nonetheless.

Lunch: Gluten-free turkey corn dogs, Sir Kensington’s organic mayo + Hot Mama’s La Femme Fatali hot sauce

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I don't generally eat grains because, well they're not paleo for starters, but I don't think they really do me any good so I don't feel like I'm missing much. 🚫 That said sometimes I'm just having a bad day or my anxiety is out of control or my cramps are driving me nuts and I just want some junk food. 🌭 This is my compromise, but it satisfies every damn craving. 🌭 Gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free corn dogs made with corn meal and turkey. 🌭 Obviously paired with @sirkensingtons organic mayo + @hotmamasalsapdx la femme fatali hot sauce. In my house this combo is called sexy mayo and it is bomb. 💣 . . . #junkfood #healthy #thursday #anxiety #foodgram #fitfood #f52grams #bestfoodportland #eater #feedfeed #forkyeah #foodgasm #foodies #foodlover #huffposttaste #foodgawker #instayum #tastingtable #eeeeeats #wellness #bekaneggs #paleo #glutenfree #foodblogger #blogger #blog #food #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogfeed #healthylifestyle

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Snack: Perfect Pecan Butter + Holy Kakow Agave Chocolate Sauce, 8oz GT’s kombucha

Dinner: Homemade pasta dinner with Tolerant red lentil rotini and chicken thighs (recipe in progress), 2 Towns Ciderhouse Made Marion, Capello’s Double Chocolate Chip cookies (four)


A long walk with the dog and a good workout called for a hearty lunch (and I wanted to finish my leftovers anyway!) I’m working on a new fish sticks recipe and needed some inspiration… also I didn’t feel like cooking, so we went for the easy route and just baked up a store-bought batch.

Snack: Coffee with 2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen peptides, NutPods hazelnut, 2 tsp Holy Kakow Agave Chocolate Sauce

Lunch: Leftover Instant Pot beef goulash with fingerling potatoes, three eggs

Dinner: Ian’s Gluten-Free fish sticks, Sir Kensington’s organic mayo + Hot Mama’s La Femme Fatali hot sauce

Dessert: Badass Banana Cakes

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The Badass Banana Cakes are happening! 🍌 A few weeks ago I put a poll on instastories and asked what you guys wanted to see first – my Perfect Pecan Butter won. That went up earlier this week, which means it's now time for these gluten-, grain-, dairy-, soy-free mini banana cakes – no added sugar, no bullshit. 🚫 I'm writing in a bit of a pattern on the blog, alternating Wednesday recipe posts between my FFF series and general deliciousness, so we've got a Friend's Favorite Food up next and then…then it's time for BANANA CAKES. The only problem with this recipe is you're going to want to make it all the time 😍 (the cakes in this photo got spruced up with a little handful of @enjoylifefoods chocolate chips…it was not a mistake) 👌🏻 . . . #foodblogger #blogger #blog #food #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogfeed #healthylifestyle #saturday #cake #vegetarian #foodgram #fitfood #f52grams #bestfoodportland #eater #feedfeed @feedfeed #forkyeah #foodgasm #foodies #foodlover #huffposttaste #foodgawker #instayum #tastingtable #eeeeeats #wellness #bekaneggs #paleo #glutenfree #sugarfree

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