What I Eat in a Week: Food Freedom

If you didn’t know, in addition to BekaNEggs (that’s the page you’re reading right now), I also run/write a makeup + beauty blog called Makeup Nerdery. That means, in addition to my seemingly endless consumption of food and fitness content, I also spend a lot of time reading about and watching stuff relating to makeup, beauty, skincare, etc. Lately I have seen a lot of YouTubers making these “what I eat in a week” videos and while they are fun to watch, and I’m not here to judge anyone else’s eating habits (unless you are my friend in real life), they are made more to satisfy our nosiness and curiosity than to actually provide any useful information. I’m here to do the opposite, or at least… a little bit of both.

A few things before we get into this: I’m not sharing this to show off or brag, I’m not sharing this to make you feel bad about your own food choices, I am not counting macros at the moment (or calories ever), and I am a Chronic Meal Repeater. I’m sharing this to show you how I make food-that-makes-me-feel-good work for me and my life. If this gives you some motivation, some ideas, or even some comfort in how little time and effort I actually spend on my food, then this week of trying to photograph everything I put in my mouth was totally worth it. I am also not measuring or weighing anything right now, but will share amounts of food whenever I actually know.

One thing I will say is that I *do* plan out my meals for the entire week every weekend and then The Boyfriend and I do all of our grocery shopping on Sunday between our local farmer’s market and the grocery store it shares a parking lot with.

For the purposes of this post, “collagen drink” refers to my morning shaker bottle concoction which consists of 10-12oz Nespresso decaf coffee, 4oz New Barn unsweetened almond milk, 2 scoops of Vital Proteins collagen peptides, and lots of ice. In addition to all the items I list, I also try to drink three 32oz jars of water every day.

So, what I eat in a typical Food Freedom week. This week included the tail end of Whole30 reintroductions, Whole30 and Paleo meals, and some Paleo snacks. Let me know if you want to see a full Whole30 week!

Monday – 7 August

  • Brunch: Two eggs, 9 pieces sashimi, 2oz guacamole, GT’s Kombucha “Heart Beet” (whole30)

Tuesday – 8 August

  • Breakfast: Collagen drink (whole30)
  • Lunch: Three eggs, 4oz prosciutto, two small tomatoes, 2oz guac (whole30)

  • Snack: Buddha Chocolate Smoked Salt (4 squares) (paleo)

  • Dinner: Leftover buffalo chicken + parsnips (made with Tessemae’s Mild Buffalo and Creamy Ranch) (whole30)

  • Snack: Pluot (whole30)

Wednesday – 9 August

  • Breakfast: Collagen drink (whole30)

  • Lunch: Sushi and sashimi (tuna, salmon, striped bass) with Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) (food freedom)

  • Dinner: 3 eggs, 3oz prosciutto, 2oz guac, 2 small tomatoes, and 6.5oz pineapple (whole30)


  • Snack: Epic salt & pepper pork rinds, Buddha Chocolate Smoked Salt (4 squares) (paleo)
  • 1/2 bottle GTs Kombucha – Guava Goddess (whole30)

Thursday – 10 August

  • Breakfast: Collagen drink Collagen drink (whole30)

  • Lunch: 3 eggs, 4oz prosciutto, 2oz guac, 2 small tomatoes (whole30)

  • PMS Snack: Epic salt & pepper pork rinds, Buddha Chocolate smoked salt (4 squares), 1/2 bottle GTs Kombucha – Guava Goddess (paleo)
  • Locust Cider Smoked Blueberry (food freedom)
  • Dinner: Thai red curry – lamb + sweet potato (whole30)

  • Snack: 1/2 slice homemade almond flour banana loaf (gluten/dairy/soy-free, no added sugar) (paleo)

Friday – 11 August

  • Breakfast: Collagen drink, 1/2 slice homemade almond flour banana loaf (gluten/dairy/soy-free, no added sugar) (paleo)
  • Lunch: 3 eggs, 4oz prosciutto, 1/2 avocado, 8 cherry tomatoes, 20 blackberries, Heavenly Organics chocolate (1 piece) (paleo)

  • Dinner: Dairy + gluten reintroduction: porcini mushroom + truffle ravioli with Kerrygold butter (food freedom)

Saturday – 12 August

  • Post-Workout: Collagen drink (whole30)

  • Breakfast: Eggs, tomato, avocado, Wellshire Farms sugar-free bacon (whole30)

Sunday – 13 August

  • Breakfast: Collagen drink (whole30)
  • Snack: Buddha Chocolate almond butter cups (paleo)
  • Lunch: Teton Waters Ranch Uncured Polish sausage (1.5 links), Tessemae’s ketchup + Primal Kitchen mayo (whole30)

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