Updates & Organization

You may have noticed some changes coming about here in recent weeks. I’ve been working hard “behind the scenes” to make Beka ‘N Eggs as functional and delicious as possible, but in that endeavor, a few items have changed.

I recently redesigned my link format to be shorter and simpler. Unfortunately, this changes the URL for all of my pasts posts and so any links you have previously saved may now be “broken”.

Please refresh your saved links for some of my most popular posts:

I have also updated my categories and search capabilities and wanted to share that information with you! You can now search through my posts by main ingredient, series, or lifestyle. You can see all the categories on the right-hand sidebar with a drop-down labeled ‘Find It!’ Here are a few examples:

There are also a few new pages to the site! You can now Shop My Life and, if you’re in Oregon, keep an eye out for details on my Private Chef services – coming soon!



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