What’s in My Travel Bag: Snacks & Self-Care

The “what’s in my bag” trend of posts/videos primarily gained traction in the beauty community, but I think it’s still relevant here – especially when it comes to travel.

A lot of food plans tend to go out the window when on the road, but there are a few rules I try to stick to, both for my own personal well-being and for the safety of the other passengers. Pre-packaged and processed foods tend to be loaded with sugar and other nonsense (seriously, soy everywhere), but I do everything in my power to keep my travel indulgences free of my main three make-me-feel-like-trash items: gluten, dairy, and soy. I also avoid cane sugar as much as possible and try to reach for unsweetened options or products that use coconut sugar or honey instead.

I just had a week of bumbling around Florida to visit family, including 12 hours of flying and 10 hours of driving, so I definitely packed plenty of goodies across the board and thought now was the time to share it all. Here’s what came along for the ride!



Heavenly Organics Mint Chocolate Honey Patties – I really don’t understand how these things only have three ingredients. I gushed about them in my Paleo Essentials & Treats post recently, but the main takeaway is: I will never eat a York peppermint patty again.

Larabar Chocolate Chip Brownie – This is definitely one of the more indulgent Larabar options – yes, there is added sugar in the chocolate chips – but dessert and vacation are a classic combo and I wanted to make sure I had some options that weren’t going to make me feel like trash.

Brooklyn Biltong – My little box of biltong didn’t make it into the photo, but I am in love with this stuff. It’s like super tender, thinly sliced jerky that doesn’t destroy your teeth or your belly. I am particularly fond of the Jo’Burg Steakhouse seasoning (all three flavors are Whole30 approved) and theoretically packed enough for my week away, but then my mom fell in love with it too. Glad I still have half a bag at home!

Square Organics Chocolate Coated Crunch – I snagged one of these at the grocery store before my trip based on a recommendation from a fellow food fiend. I have to admit though, despite being free of gluten, dairy, and soy, I wasn’t super impressed with the flavor or with the ingredients. I know the brand is pretty popular, but I am not a fan.

Ingredients for Square Organics ‘Chocolate Coated Crunch’ Bar

Bulletproof Lemon Cookie Bar – An accidental “I just need to shove something in my mouth” discovery, I am kind of in love with these. I wasn’t sure about the texture at first, but it actually works really well with this flavor and it was a perfect brain-fuel treat on a four-hour solo drive. Stevia is the last ingredient so they’re not something I’d eat every day and may not recommend depending on your food lifestyle, but for last minute “snackmergencies” and travel? Yes, please!

Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities – Surprise fun fact about me: I need Starburst when flying. It’s not just a craving, it is a full-blown hardcore need. Or at least, it was before I discovered these Starburst-wannabes-but-actually-way-better from natural candy brand Torie & Howard. No gluten, dairy, soy, artificial coloring, or any other junk. Plus they come in literally-designed-for-me flavors like Blood Orange & Honey and Meyer Lemon & Raspberry. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be buying Starburst ever again.


Fatco Fat Stick & Body Butter sample – Two of my faves from paleo skincare brand Fatco! I have a full-size of the calming body butter at home and I absolutely love it for my dry skin at the end of the day so I snagged this little sample to bring with me. The appropriately named Fat Stick always comes along in my carry on for chapped lips, knuckles, and whatever other part of my face or body gets dry at 35,000ft.

My Perfect Pecan Butter – I made a little batch of my homemade pecan butter to bring along so I knew I had a good every day snack while away, but if you aren’t up for making it yourself… or don’t have a vacuum sealer to keep it safe in your suitcase, I’m really diggin’ this organic seven nut and seed Smooth Chocolate Power Fuel from Nuttzo that’s sweetened only with coconut sugar. When things get a little much, a spoonful of something tasty can calm my brain.


Coffee – Lately I’ve been drinking matcha more than coffee, but I wasn’t prepared to bring all my matcha accoutrements on vacation. Instead I snagged an extra sleeve of my favorite decaf coffee from Nespresso – every household in my family has a machine which makes it very easy to get what I want when I want it (well, except for matcha).

Nutpods Hazelnut – I realize it was a little silly to bring my own coffee creamer with me, but the grocery stores near my grandparents’ place are… well, they really cater to the average age of 65. I don’t drink coffee every day, but I was thrilled to have this little guy with me when the mood did strike!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Stick Packs – I’ve been adding collagen to my coffee/tea for probably close to a year now and I feel such a difference compared to when I don’t take it. It’s got all the essential amino acids and is meant to help with hair, skin, nails, joint health, gut health, and lots of other good stuff, but I most notice its help in muscle recovery after workouts. Highly recommend for… pretty much everyone.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor was I asked to write it. All items were purchased by me primarily through Amazon, Thrive Market, and Vital Proteins. Some links may be affiliate links. When you shop using my links, I make a small percentage of that sale at no additional cost to you. Please note: some items may be more affordable on Thrive Market than Amazon.

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