Brain-Fuel Matcha Latte

Super fancy tea powder? Something like that. I had been curious about matcha for a long time, but was hesitant to try for nearly as long. Now it’s a staple in my mid-morning routine, but back then, even when I worked at a tea shop in college, I felt there was some reason to avoid […]

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Updates & Organization

You may have noticed some changes coming about here in recent weeks. I’ve been working hard “behind the scenes” to make Beka ‘N Eggs as functional and delicious as possible, but in that endeavor, a few items have changed. I recently redesigned my link format to be shorter and simpler. Unfortunately, this changes the URL […]

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FFF: John’s Chicken Liver Pâté

Okay so John actually told me his favorite food was liverwurst, but I’m not really at sausage-making level, so he agreed to settle for a creamy chicken liver mousse and that is definitely something I can deliver on. I’ve written a chicken liver mousse recipe before, based off the magical goodness at Parc in Philadelphia (my […]

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FFF: Andrea’s Massaman Curry

Despite it being mid-March, we’re still at times in the throes of winter so it seemed like a perfect day for my next Whole30-fied dish. My friend Andrea’s favorite, Massaman curry, is a fairly mild Thai curry with Muslim roots and is typically made with chicken or lamb. Let’s just clear the air and acknowledge […]

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