Meal Prep: Big Batch Veggies

This is quite a simple and straightforward recipe, if you can even call it that, but it’s a weekly meal prep essential for me! I wanted to get this one up, but moving forward, all of my meal prep recipes will go up on Mondays. I like to use frozen vegetables for most of this, […]

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Weekly Workout #4

I have a horrible cold right now, but thankfully I put together this week of workouts while away last week. Visiting my grandparents meant I definitely didn’t have any kettlebell access so this one is 100% equipment-free and a great opportunity to get ready for a new lifting program. You’ll just need yourself, a door […]

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Favorite Workout Gear

I don’t typically write about fashion or style, that isn’t exactly an area I excel in, but I do love me some workout gear. I’m about a week out from starting up a new lifting program and thought now was a good time to share some of my essential items for lifting, running, and all […]

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Perfect Pecan Butter

A little while ago, I ordered some creamy pecan butter from a Whole30 Approved brand and practically inhaled the jar in the span of a week. I don’t eat peanuts anymore (because they make me feel icky) and almond butter just does not do it for me, but this… this was practically witchcraft. Unfortunately, the […]

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