Homemade Whole30 Mayo

Russians consume more mayonnaise than any other population in the world, so I guess it’s not that much of a surprise that it is probably my favorite condiment of all time. Unfortunately, the store-bought mayonnaise options are pretty lacking in quality, taste, price or any combination of the three. You can go the super processed […]

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Meal Prep: Meaty Egg Cups

If you venture into the depths of Beka ‘N Eggs, you may find an embarrassing recipe from my SlowCarbSnacktime days for scrambled egg cups. It’s really not a good recipe. I didn’t test it at all until the day I made it for that blog post and the pictures are… well, let’s call it growing […]

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FFF: John’s Chicken Liver Pâté

Okay so John actually told me his favorite food was liverwurst, but I’m not really at sausage-making level, so he agreed to settle for a creamy chicken liver mousse and that is definitely something I can deliver on. I’ve written a chicken liver mousse recipe before, based off the magical goodness at Parc in Philadelphia (my […]

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