Just Beet It! Beet Purée

I’ll be honest, for most of my life beets have been a hard limit. No way, no how, they were not going in my mouth. The taste was fine, a little earthy, whatever; but the texture, ugh I could not get over that texture – and so I spent all my life pushing away my […]

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November News & Whole30

Wow, grad school is kicking my butt right now. I never had any intention of letting myself get this far away from the blog and for that, I apologize. People said it would happen, but I just didn’t want to believe it! I’m up to my eyeballs in homework these days so I’ve been pretty […]

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Social Media Update & Other News

Okay I can now finally tell everyone that The Boyfriend and myself are moving! Say goodbye to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… ’cause we’re moving to Portlandia! In 30 days, I’ll be updating from our new home in Oregon and couldn’t be more excited. New home, new kitchen (with so much counter space!) and the next step […]

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Life Update

My apologies to all you wonderful readers for how long I’ve been MIA. It’s been an insane few weeks. I’ve got a few recipes in the works, including a small series entitled Fish Sauce Chronicles, but there have been some crazy [good] developments in my life as well. As many of you know, The Boyfriend […]

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