Weekly Workout #4

I have a horrible cold right now, but thankfully I put together this week of workouts while away last week. Visiting my grandparents meant I definitely didn’t have any kettlebell access so this one is 100% equipment-free and a great opportunity to get ready for a new lifting program. You’ll just need yourself, a door […]

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Badass Banana Cakes

Oh how I crave these. Nick (in these parts, formerly known as The Boyfriend) is definitely the baker in our house and this is absolutely my favorite of his creations. While these cakes may not be Whole30 in philosophy, the ingredients are compliant and with no added sugar, I feel pretty okay with the occasional […]

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Favorite Workout Gear

I don’t typically write about fashion or style, that isn’t exactly an area I excel in, but I do love me some workout gear. I’m about a week out from starting up a new lifting program and thought now was a good time to share some of my essential items for lifting, running, and all […]

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