You’ve taken the first step, possibly the hardest part. You’ve decided you’re ready to make some changes. You want to be healthier, maybe even stronger; maybe weight loss is part of your motivation, or a chronic illness has been creeping up on you. You’re ready to do the damn thing, but you have no idea where to start. Sound kinda familiar?

This was my own experience not too long ago, overwhelmed by all of the information available and not sure what to believe. I was in my early 20s when chronic illness dominated my life, with no clue how to cook and no healthy habits to speak of. I’ve spent nearly a decade researching, learning, experimenting in the kitchen and with my body. There’s no quick fix, but with hard work and dedication, I’ve dramatically improved my quality of life. Now it’s time to pass that knowledge onto you.

I’ve developed three interconnected paths to choose from, with the ultimate goal of preparing you and your kitchen for sustainable, long-term changes. Whether your goal is weight loss, illness prevention, illness management, or just being healthier overall, let me bring some goodness to your table.

More details coming soon:
The Kitchen Quandary
Private Cooking Lessons
Private Chef Services

Serving Washington County, Oregon

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