The Perfect Steamed Egg

An overhead shot of six egg halves with yolks exposed sitting on a gray textured plate on a white marble background.

Y’all know I love eggs. I mean, it’s literally in my name. I’ve got a lot of egg recipes here, but Perfect Boiled Eggs are probably what I refer back to most – I use them in so many recipes (like my Top Secret Deviled Eggs)! I’m pleased to report, I now have a new and possibly even better Perfect Egg than the OG. Let me introduce you to Perfect Steamed Eggs.

Sometimes, even when I want to eat my boiled eggs, I just do not feel like making them. I don’t feel like dealing with the boiling or the baking soda and I don’t feel like dealing with the immersion circulator either. So what’s an egg-needing person to do? Steam ’em! Yes, you read that correctly. You can steam “boil” your eggs, and not only are they a good substitute, they might be the best boiled eggs I’ve ever had. Plus, they are incredibly easy to peel, no baking soda necessary.

You can use these wherever you would normally use boiled eggs – as a quick snack, for deviled eggs, egg salad, or anywhere else that a medium-boiled egg might taste good.

An overhead close up of steamed eggs cut in half exposing the jammy yolk. The eggs sit on a gray textured ceramic plate on a white marble background. White text over the image reads "the perfect steamed egg".

Pot with lid
Steamer basket
Large bowl

4-8 eggs
Ice (helpful, but not required)

Fill a pot with cold water, about 1/3 full. Set on high heat, cover, and bring to boil.

Once the water has boiled, reduce the temperature slightly and add the steamer basket with the eggs.

An overhead shot of four white eggs in a metal steamer basket. The basket sits on a white marble background.

For medium-boiled eggs (my definition of perfect), steam for eight minutes.

While the eggs are steaming, fill a bowl with cold water and some ice (if available).

Remove eggs from steamer and submerge in cold water. Let cool in water for 2-3 minutes then peel immediately.

Serve as is or refrigerate for up to five days.

An overhead shot of 2/3 of a gray textured plate coming out of the right side of the shot. The plate features several halves of eggs with the yolk exposed. White marble background.

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