Life Favorites + Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, outdoor brunch is almost a thing again, and you have no idea what to get for your mom. Happens to me every year, but maybe this time I can help you get ahead of the curve with some of my current life favorites turned Mother’s Day gift guide.

Note: Mother’s Day can be a challenging day for many. I respect that some of you may have lost your mother, may not have one worthy of being in your life, or may struggle with becoming one. This post is in no way meant to hurt any of you for whom this day is not a pleasant one. If that is you, consider this a bonus “life favorites” post rather than a gift guide (or apply it to other great people in your life). You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose your family.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream – Okay so this really isn’t enough for a stand-alone gift, but it’s been a lifesaver for me recently as I’ve dramatically increased my time in the kitchen. If yo’ mama loves to cook, garden, or do any other work with her hands, this is a great little add-on to some fresh kitchen spices or heritage seeds.

Instant Pot – It’s me so of course I was going to recommend at least one kitchen appliance. I love recommending the instant pot because it covers so many bases in one item and if your mom is anything like mine – she absolutely cannot stand clutter and throws things out like a madwoman. The instant pot is a slow cooker and pressure cooker in one, but can also function as a rice cooker, yogurt maker, and more. I also love that it has a saute function so if you want to brown your meat or veggies before switching to pressure/slow cooking, you can do it all in one vessel. This is especially great for anyone who either doesn’t enjoy cooking and doesn’t want to do it every day or for someone who has many mouths to feed.

Invisibobble – Another “add-on” little gift, I now refuse to use any other style of hair-tie. These 90s-keychain-style hair bands are super cute and incredibly functional. They rarely cause hair breakage or knotting and yet they do an unbelievable job of staying put regardless of hair style, even on my shorter, fine hair. For finer hair, I would highly recommend the Slim version (I found the Slim version at Sephora, but they seem to be gone now).

Against All Grain Celebrations by Danielle Walker – I believe many people have the desire and the drive to eat “healthier” (whatever that may mean for them), but social situations tend to be where we struggle most – at least, that’s where my mom and I struggle most. The third book from Danielle Walker would be a great addition to the arsenal of anyone who loves to entertain or impress. Healthier food, including cocktails, for any celebration (like Mother’s Day!)

Travelrest inflatable pillow – This one is a not-so-subtle nudge for mom to visit you if yours is like mine and lives 3,000 miles away (okay, I admit I’m the one that moved away, but still). Nick and I each got one of these before our crazy long adventure to Italy and now I bring it with me any time I fly. A great carry-on addition for any traveling mama, grandma, or auntie.

Grandma, mom, and me. Early 90’s.

Amazon Echo Dot – Admittedly, my mom prefers Siri over the Dot I got her last year, but Nick’s mom loves hers and I use mine constantly. News, weather, how late Costco’s open, or a sudden urge to listen to Disney music in the kitchen? The Dot will do it. If someone in the house is a little handy, you can even connect it to your lights or your thermostat. Nothing like getting into bed, realizing you left the kitchen lights on, and making Alexa turn them off. I’m sure my mom wishes I was ever that obedient.

Essential Oil Diffuser – A must-have in my book for anybody with a high stress job, sleep troubles, or general fans of aromatherapy. I’ve got a diffuser in the bedroom to help with sleep and sinus health – we use oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree overnight. I’ve also got a second one in the living room with sweet orange and lemongrass to keep us energized throughout the day. I’m not super crazy about essential oils in other applications, but they’re fantastic for this use and can get you into or out of just about any mood. I like this brand because they are based in Colorado and manufacture in Taiwan; we try to limit the number of mass-produced Made in China products in our home.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight – Maybe skip this one for the conservative fundamentalists, but if there’s a mama in your life who loves a good self-empowerment book, this is it. My sister and I are both fans of Sarah Knight’s style and I highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t quite where they want to be, regardless of age.

Riviera Sun linen sundress – My mom is actually the one that got me into linen dresses like this one a few years ago so it’s definitely momneggs-approved. A linen sundress is perfect for any beach vacation, backyard loungin’, or just to get you through the hella humid east coast summers. Correction: These dresses are actually made of rayon. They are breathable like linen, but do not wrinkle as easily.

Yeti Rambler 10oz Lowball – I want to buy every cute mug I see, and I do buy a lot of them. Still, this is easily my most-used beverage vessel, regardless of temperature. Whether you like it hot or cold, or kinda somewhere in between, this insulated guy will hold temp for ages without messing with your hands or your tabletops. It comes with a lid too which means it often comes along for car rides and camping trips.

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