Paleo Peanut Butter Pupsicles

Summer is upon us, or at least… it’s coming kind of soon, and the sun is seriously strong here in Oregon. We’ve got fans in every room and two AC’s, but sometimes my four-legged child wants a special treat just like us humans do! What’s a dog mom to do? Make pupsicles of course! They’re […]

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Brain-Fuel Matcha Latte

Super fancy tea powder? Something like that. I had been curious about matcha for a long time, but was hesitant to try for nearly as long. Now it’s a staple in my mid-morning routine, but back then, even when I worked at a tea shop in college, I felt there was some reason to avoid […]

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Updates & Organization

You may have noticed some changes coming about here in recent weeks. I’ve been working hard “behind the scenes” to make Beka ‘N Eggs as functional and delicious as possible, but in that endeavor, a few items have changed. I recently redesigned my link format to be shorter and simpler. Unfortunately, this changes the URL […]

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