Healthy Homemade Popcorn

Let’s clear the air real quick: corn is a grain, not a vegetable, which means it’s not paleo. I am aware of this, but with so many food restrictions for health reasons, I’m gonna take what I can get. Corn does not seem to have any negative impact on me so, when not on Whole30, […]

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Primal Party Platter

My sister was just in town so some indulgences were to be expected. That said, I also didn’t want to feel like crap while she was here (or ever, really) so let’s talk about eating primal and how to make the perfect party platter. Primal is similar in framework to the paleo “diet” with a […]

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Carolina-Style Paleo BBQ Sauce

Happy National BBQ Day! If grilling, smoking, or BBQ anything is your jam, you probably already know that every region has their own style. I like most of them, but my favorite is definitely that yellow mustard vinegar BBQ sauce the Carolinas are known for. Even before food was really my “thing,” that was always […]

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Paleo Chocolate Buttercups

If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be making paleo desserts some day, I’m not sure I would have believed you. I resisted the idea for so long, because it’s “not in the spirit of paleo,” but I think I was wrong. As I continue in my efforts to make paleo fooding a […]

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