Carolina-Style Paleo BBQ Sauce

Happy National BBQ Day! If grilling, smoking, or BBQ anything is your jam, you probably already know that every region has their own style. I like most of them, but my favorite is definitely that yellow mustard vinegar BBQ sauce the Carolinas are known for. Even before food was really my “thing,” that was always […]

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2Towns Cider: Ginja’d Onion Jam

I recently had the pleasure of taking a very long drive down to Corvallis to meet some of the lineup at 2 Towns Cider.Β If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may already know it is pretty much my favorite cidery around. I genuinely enjoy their product, and the love grew even more when I […]

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Paleo Essentials & Treats

I shared a similar post a while back about some of my must-have essentials before starting a Whole30, but I wanted to share more of what my “regular life” looks like. As of last summer, I aim to do about four Whole30’s per year and attempt a 90/10 paleo life the rest of the time […]

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Slow Carbbq Sauce

It has finally happened! A sugar-free, completely slow carb and paleo barbecue sauce! I’m sure anything remotely authentic will put it to shame, but hey, you can have this one any night of the week. This sauce is super quick to put together and goes great with any protein, but we’ve particularly enjoyed it with […]

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