Classic Baked Garlic

An overhead shot of a baked bulb of garlic in a blue ceramic bowl. The top of bulb has been cut off prior to baking to reveal some of the individual cloves inside. The cloves are lightly browned after baking.

I tend to make baked garlic a lot more often in the colder months, but I’ve been craving it lately and thought it would make a perfect little Five Minute Friday since that is quite literally all you need to make it happen. Admittedly, the garlic does cook for a while, but the prep is exceedingly simple and then you can just relax with one of my booze-free cocktails until it’s good to go!

Baked garlic was a classic menu item in my house growing up. My sister and I are both fiends and asked for it practically every day until my mom said she could smell it seeping out of our pores. Maybe this is why I started dating an Italian – he doesn’t judge my garlic consumption.

An overhead shot of partially peeled garlic cloves and garlic skins on a circular wooden cutting board on a wood surface. Black text overlay reads "Classic Baked Garlic"

A glorious addition to most any protein-forward or vegetable dish, it’s also great in soups, mixed into a dip, and – if carbs are your thing – in a pasta dish or spread onto some paleo bread.

Sharp knife
Aluminum foil
Cutting board
Oven mitt(s)

2 heads garlic
1/4 cup olive oil

An overhead shot of two full bulbs of garlic on a white marble background.

Preheat the oven to 375*F on the convection setting.

Without breaking apart the head of garlic, peel off some of the outer layers

Using a very sharp knife, cut off the very top of each head of garlic. We want to just barely expose the cloves inside.

An overhead shot of two bulbs of garlic on a white marble background. The garlic has been peeled of its outermost layers and the top has been cut off revealing the tops of individual garlic cloves within the intact bulb.

Place the garlic into a sheet of aluminum foil and form the foil into a cup around the garlic. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and top with the olive oil.

Close the foil around the garlic and the oil, making sure it’s tightly sealed so the oil can’t spill out.

Bake the garlic, sealed in foil, at 375* for 50 minutes.

Remove from the oven, carefully open up the foil pouch, and using a sharp knife or fork, pierce a garlic clove to make sure it is soft and tender.

Let garlic cool for 5-7 minutes before peeling. Use immediately or refrigerate for up to three days. Can be eaten cold, added in to any hot dish, or reheated in a pan with olive oil over medium heat.

About a dozen garlic cloves in a blue ceramic bowl after they have been baked. The garlic looks very soft and it is caramelized/browned on the curved side of the cloves.

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  1. elissa

    I can’t imagine eating a whole clove of garlic by itself, but I admit I’m intrigued…


    1. bekaneggs

      Admittedly, I often then add it to other dishes, but I will happily house half a clove of baked garlic with my dinner!


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