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Oh hi there! Welcome to Beka ‘n Eggs. It’s like bacon and eggs, but me – Beka. Eggs get to stay because they’re pretty much my favorite thing.

What you’re reading right now stands where SlowCarbSnacktime used to live, a blog I started in early 2013 while learning to cook (and eat) real food and navigate a chronic illness. The tagline was “food, fitness, chronic illness,” and while all three of those things are still big parts of my life, that doesn’t remotely represent the whole of who I am or convey the online presence I now choose to have.

So who am I? My name’s Beka (like Becca, but not). Born and raised in the 215, I now live in Austin, Texas with my dog Franklin and an impeccably organized bookshelf. I’ve got a degree in accounting and management information systems, and a master’s in health administration, which I guess sounds pretty neat.

I left my office job at an adolescent mental health facility in Portland, OR to move our life to Texas because hello sunshine, and then a global pandemic struck just 10 weeks later. I spent 2020 exploring creative pursuits (like a 29-episode podcast about beauty and finance I ran with a close friend) while furiously applying to jobs, but eventually realized that I’m just too feral to be reintegrated back into that 9-to-5 grind and decided to just do stuff I like instead.

So what do I like? In general: food (both cooking and eating), books (especially historical fantasy, magical education, and historical fiction), the beauty world (I’m particularly passionate about skincare and red lipstick), my plants, sunshine, and travel. You’ll see all of that come out in my personal work. In my creative endeavors, I thoroughly enjoy writing, concocting recipes, creating fun designs and snarky stickers for my shop*, and continuing my education across various digital art mediums.

* My shop, Little Boat Stuff, was created in the aforementioned pursuit of things I like. I currently design very cool vinyl stickers and plan to introduce more products as I learn more things.

In the archives here, you’ll mostly find recipes (a lot of great ones, if I can be so bold), many of which align with paleo/whole30/keto lifestyles, but I’ve expanded to sharing more stories about my life and other things I love – most recently, I created a collection of gift guides for the 2020 holiday season that I am particularly pleased with.

When I’m not writing or recipe’ing over here, you’ll most likely find me on the foodgram or making cool stuff for my shop (instagram | etsy).

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to check out my affiliates page for all kinds of fun, and if you’re looking for writing or design work, don’t sleep on that portfolio.

As of August 2020, I am pursuing a double Visual Communication Associates in Applied Sciences for Graphic Design and Visual Design at ACC. Expected graduation: 2023.


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