Favorite Workout Gear

I don’t typically write about fashion or style, that isn’t exactly an area I excel in, but I do love me some workout gear. I’m about a week out from starting up a new lifting program and thought now was a good time to share some of my essential items for lifting, running, and all those Weekly Workouts I’ve been sharing.


New Balance Minimus 10v4 – I picked up my first pair of these minimal/barefoot-style shoes last summer after seeing a general recommendation for people with high arches. I have since decided that you can pry these off my cold, dead feet (and my other pair out of my hands) because I love these sneakers. They’re flat enough for lifting, but still have enough substance to protect me while running, wandering about, or attempting to jog with my dog. If these aren’t your style, I’m all about the classic Chuck Taylor low tops.

Peep those glowing orange 10v4’s:

Belle & Bell tanks – If you haven’t noticed, I got boobs – something that most clothing brands still haven’t seemed to figure out. There are a lot of women’s workout tops out there, but I really love the shape of both the racerback and muscle tanks from Belle & Bell. Somehow this small brand has managed to figure out how to cut fabric to fit all the shapes of women, add in some cute and motivating quotes, I’m all in! That said, the sports bras do not seem equipped to handle the same lady-shapes, so look elsewhere if that’s what you need. If you sign up for e-mails, you can get 15% off your first order. If you follow them on Instagram, tell ’em I sent you!

Nike Pro shorts – I like these shorts for my workouts across the board – they’re great for lifting, comfortable for running, and they’re just fine for the bike and accessory work too. I will admit it took some time to figure out the underwear situation, I’m not in love with going commando especially for workouts, but any moisture-wicking synthetic undies do just fine. I am not into high-compression leggings, but these are just tight enough without hindering range of motion or dat ass.

Strong Strong Friends deadlift socks – I don’t know how exactly tiny shorts and high socks became the lifting “style,” but I am on board. These socks in particular, from Megsquats-owned Strong Strong Friends are definitely my favorite. The fabric is just thin enough to feel substantial without being too thick to fit into my shoes, they’re sized wonderfully (in that, they actually come in smaller sizes), and yea, they kinda make me feel like a badass. Channeling Megsquats always.


Garmin Forerunner 235 – I plan to do a full write-up/review of my nifty little fitness tracker, but I didn’t think I could really write this post without at least mentioning it. I’ve tried several fitness-forward smartwatches over the years, and of all the available options, this one is definitely my favorite. Looks good, easy to use, the app interface is great, and I’m particularly fond of the constantly-tracking heart rate monitor that shows your current heart rate as well as your average resting rate.


Invisibobble – This is for the long-haired lifters (and runners, and anybody else with amounts of hair). You will never buy a regular hair tie again. These key-ring scrunchy things have taken over every pocket in every bag. They don’t break, they’re harder to lose, and they do a fantastic job keeping your hair in place whether you’re after a bun, a braid, or a ponytail. The brand also recently released a thinner style for those of us that don’t have ultra-thick manes.

Mason jar straw lids – Obviously staying hydrated is important, throughout the day and during your workouts. Since my gym, my cycling class, and my yoga studio are all in my house, I don’t really need a giant, secure water bottle. To be honest, I hate opening/closing my water bottle over and over during a workout. Enter: the mason jar straw top. These caps just pop into the metal band


Peloton – Okay this isn’t exactly workout gear, it’s a massive piece of equipment, but this was a pretty recent addition to our home gym and I have been hesitant to admit that I actually really enjoy it. I did not think cycling is something I would ever actually do, and I’m definitely still just trying to make it through the shorter beginner classes, but it is one hell of a workout and surprisingly fun too.

This post is not sponsored and I was not asked to write it. All items mentioned were purchased by me/my partner and not gifted. Some of the above links may be affiliate links. When you shop with one of my links, I earn a small percentage of that sale at no additional cost to you. This helps me keep the blog up and running so your support is greatly appreciated!

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