Weekly Workout #2

Still working out all the options and ideas for possibly putting together a weekly newsletter; please let me know if that’s something you’d like to have!

In the meantime, I’d still like to keep sharing my weekly workouts with you guys since you seemed to really enjoy the last one. This is something that would move to the newsletter rather than be posted on the blog each week, if I do decide to put that together.

I also wanted to let you know, though you may already if you follow me on Instagram, Nick and I got a Peloton bike last weekend! It is kicking our butts and I’m so excited. If you’re not familiar with the Peloton bike, it’s basically an in-home spin class: it’s a stationary bike with a screen that allows you to join in on live classes at the Peloton studio in New York, watch “on demand” classes that have been recorded in advance, or even do some scenic rides through beautiful landscapes (like quaint European towns or famous mountain trails). I’ll slowly be adding this bike into my routine as well, so some of my bodyweight movements may change a little to reflect that, but don’t worry – I’ll be sure to update that How To spreadsheet with any movements I may add!

Enough from me though, here’s this week’s mostly-bodyweight anywhere/anytime workout: repeat 1-3x


5 kettlebell swings (8 or 15lb)
6 ab mat sit-ups
5 side-lying leg lifts
3 10-second superman holds
5 bicep curls (8 or 15lb)


10 Russian twists (8 or 15lb)
4 flutter kicks
5 bodyweight squats
6 door frame rows
4 windmills (8 or 15lb)


6 leg lifts
4 arm raises (8 or 15lb)
5 split squats
5 pushups (scale down if needed)
5 glute bridges

Disclaimer: Links to Amazon and Peloton are affiliate links. This means I earn a small percentage or the sale or store credit if you make a purchase using my link – at no additional cost to you. If you are already in the market for a Peloton purchase, using my link or code “ZZXBNF” will get each of us $100 towards any accessories. This is not a sponsored post and no merchandise or equipment was provided to me in exchange for writing about it.

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