Whole30: NSV’s & More

Just a quick one today, as I suppose we should probably talk about this Whole30 thing now that it’s (kind of) over.

The NSV or “non scale victories” that Melissa Hartwig and crew suggest you may experience were… seemingly endless, actually. I went through the worksheet and was able to check off items in every single category excluding brain function and sleep (which are two areas I have struggled with all my life and was not expecting a miracle) so I am mighty pleased with those results. The Boyfriend had a similar experience – his NSVs are marked off with a check mark to the left of the boxes, mine are the x.

Though weight-loss and physical changes are not the sole or even the main purpose of doing a Whole30, it was still a pretty important factor to me (at least to kickstart the process), and I know it’s what you guys are often most curious about.

So, between 5th July (day 1) and 4th August (day 31), my physical changes were as follows:

Bust – down 1.5″
Waist – down 1″
Hips – down 0.5″
Thighs – down 1.5″

In 30 days, I dropped 11 pounds and a total of 4.5″. I added 6kg to my squat, 1kg to my push press, and was able to deadlift without back pain for the first time in two years (and hit two PRs!)

Overall, I feel so much better eating like this and I’m looking forward to continuing the whole30/strict paleo approach to my food and my life.

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