I know, I KNOW. I am The Worst. It’s been almost a month since my last post and I’m so sorry to leave you guys hangin’. The last few weeks have been absolutely insane and I’m completely overwhelmed by new recipes and ideas, as well as some major developments in my personal life.

So here’s the deal, “Holy Shit” Item #1: if all goes according to plan, The Boyfriend and I will be buying a house later this month. A house! A house of our own in beautiful Oregon, I could not be more excited. The icing on the cake is “Holy Shit” Item #2: If things go really really according to plan, we’ll be moving right as I start graduate school! I’ve applied for a pretty great program to earn my Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and now we wait for an answer…

Now that you know, hopefully you can forgive me for my recent radio silence and understand that as much as I love you all, I have to take care of myself too.

Anyway, now that we are finally, officially done with house hunting and my grad school application has been submitted, my brain is absolutely overflowing with new ideas for recipes, blog posts, and projects.

For starters, I’ve got an amazing bone broth recipe I’ve been promising for weeks. I’ve got a super easy summer ghee packing tons of homegrown basil, and new stuff in the works to make your mouths water.

I’ve also been experimenting with some changes in my diet lately – don’t worry, The Boyfriend and I are still 100% slow carb, but I’ve included a few other metrics to track my overall progress and there has been plenty of progress!

Finally, I’ve been super busy on Reddit playing “fit buddy” to a bunch of really great people looking for help to make positive changes in their lives. I find this incredibly rewarding, but also very time-consuming, and am now considering starting something a bit more official for current and future fit buddies to get the one-on-one time they deserve. Rather than expensive nutritionists and personal trainers, I have more of a team dynamic in mind – consider it a health and fitness consult, but working together and not just me talking at you. You’d pay for my time and information, daily check-ins, access to my personal diet and exercise routines, as well as custom workouts and diet plans to fit your needs, even the occasional freebie or sample – but you get to hold me accountable too. I haven’t really gotten this off the ground yet, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s something people would really be interested in, so if you like this idea please shoot me an email or let me know on kik messenger (slowcarbsnacktime) or in a comment below.

I’m glad I’ve cleared the air a bit and I’m excited to get back to business tomorrow! Seriously though, if that bone broth recipe isn’t up within 36 hours, please someone yell at me.

Here's a pic from our first hike of the season on Sauvie Island
Here’s a pic from our first hike of the season on Sauvie Island

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