NEDAwareness Week

Alright you lovely people, The Boyfriend and I are headed off to Seattle and Vancouver, BC to celebrate his 30th birthday this weekend so you’ll have to wait until Monday for a new recipe.

For the time being, I’ll leave you with this:

There are more people in the United States with eating disorders than there are people in the United States with green eyes. Get educated, get help, be the help. Support National Eating Disorders Association Awareness Week.


EDIT: If you guys saw my post a few days ago about working out and getting fit, you may have seen something I wrote that has blown up across Reddit – THERE IS NO “TL;DR” FOR GETTING HEALTHY. (For non-Reddit fans, “TL;DR” stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read” but as you all know, there are no short cuts in this process!) Anyway, my Reddit inbox has been flooded with t-shirt requests and so here it is:

The deal with teespring is that they run a campaign – if 50+ orders are placed for the shirt by 09 March 2014, they will print them and you guys will gets your shirts within 10-14 days. If the campaign doesn’t get enough orders, the shirt will not get printed and you guys won’t get anything (but you won’t lose any money either).

Should this succeed, and I really hope it does, I’d like to split the proceeds between donations to NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), another as-yet-undetermined charity (you guys are welcome to help me pick, but at the moment I am leaning towards something animal-related), and support for running my beloved Slow Carb Snacktime.

Help me make this happen and let the world know the truth – there is no “TL;DR” for getting healthy!

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