ICE: Chocolate PB Bites

Like the protein pancake recipe I posted last week, this recipe is for emergencies only! ICE (In Case of Emergency) is a new category in my food world – sweet treats that are technically slow carb, but should not be consumed on a regular basis.

Having said all that, I recently discovered the absolute amazingness that is PB2. If you’ve never seen it before, it is a powdered peanut butter that you can mix with water to create actual peanut butter (I got mine at Fred Meyer, but I’ve seen it at Target too). It is amazing with bananas (for cheat day!), on coconut milk ice cream, and mixed in with dark chocolate for these tasty puppies.

You can use something like a SilPat (or any silicone baking sheet) to recreate a solid chocolate bar, but I used a silicone mini muffin pan for individual servings. They came out super rich so you will only need 1-2 to satisfy even the most ridiculous of cravings.

50g (that’s 1.75 oz) dark chocolate, 85% or darker*
3-4 tsp PB2 OR 2 tsp almond butter
1-2 tsp coconut oil
Non-stick coconut oil spray

*I use one bar from a 2-pack of the Trader Joe’s 85% cacao “Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar” and get my coconut oil spray from TJ’s as well.

Using a sharp knife, coarsely chop your chocolate bar – this will help the chocolate melt a little faster. In a medium-sized microwave-safe bowl heat chocolate for about 30 seconds. Stir in 3 tsp of PB2 with a fork (you lose less chocolate this way) and add coconut oil. Continue microwaving in 15-second intervals, stirring after each, until chocolate is completely melted.

Spray baking sheet or mini muffin pan with coconut oil spray. If using baking sheet, place baking sheet on a cutting board (so you have a solid base), pour all of the chocolate mixture onto the sheet, and spread into a thin layer. If using a mini muffin pan, fill each cup about 1/4 full (seriously, these are really rich, 1/4 is enough I promise). Sprinkle top with additional PB2 for “garnish” (optional). Refrigerate for about 40 minutes and enjoy!

Store any uneaten PB bites in the fridge.


Edit: This recipe was updated on 11 March 2014.

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