B^3: Butternut Bacon Bites

No you didn’t read that wrong, it actually says butternut squash and bacon. Baconnnn. What a perfect little holiday treat! It took some time to put these guys together, but they made for an amazing cocktail hour at our “Chrismukkah” New Year’s Eve/housewarming party last night.

If I were making this just for The Boyfriend and myself, which I’m sure I will do in the future, I would probably peel and dice the squash myself. However, I needed to make a ton of them for our lovely little shindig so I managed to get some squash that was already peeled and diced. Costco has everything.


~ 50 pieces peeled butternut squash, cut into 1″ cubes (I used about half of a 2lb container)
1 lb bacon strips
1.5 tbsp olive or vegetable oil
1/2 tsp salt (to taste)
1/2 tsp chili powder (to taste)

Pre-heat oven to 400*F and cover a large baking sheet with aluminum foil. In a large bowl, toss the butternut squash cubes with 1 tbsp oil, salt, and chili powder.

Using a very sharp knife, cut the bacon strips into thirds – I just removed them from the package in one piece and did it all at once to keep from stretching the fat too much. Wrap each piece of squash with a piece of bacon, placing them seam-side down on the baking sheet.


Bake the bites for 20-25 minutes or until squash is fork tender and bacon is crispy. Serve immediately.

Note: Squash can be wrapped a few hours ahead of time and stored in the fridge, but I would not recommend doing it the day before.


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