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My Favorite Apps II (Android Edition)

Back in April, I posted a little list of my favorite apps for iPhone. I’ve since stopped drinking the Apple Kool-Aid and have switched to Android. I love love love my new Samsung Galaxy S4 and this super cute Speck case for it too, and now that I’ve got a new phone I’ve had to find a whole bunch of new apps to love. So here it is, my Top 10 list for Android apps (available in the Google Play store).

1. Aviary Photo Editor – I have to admit, as much as I absolutely love the Android OS, some of the photo editing apps are just not quite up to par with those available for iPhone. Aviary is as good as it gets (so far). Brightness, contrast, focus, HD, sharpness, filters, frames, basically everything you can imagine and it’s FREE! (More filters, frames, and stickers available in-app at additional cost).

2. Evernote Food – Ahhh I am obsessed. Evernote Food is pretty great for keeping track of recipes, restaurants, and favorite dishes, but the web clipper add-on (for PC/Linux/Mac) just takes it to the next level. Install to your browser, then just clip a web page, selection from a web page, or a bookmark and give it a few seconds to sync – that recipe tab you’ve had open for days? Safe and sound on your phone and/or computer until you actually need it. Web Clipper available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Free.

3. Oysterpedia – Are you a seafood nut like I am? I absolutely love oysters, but it’s so hard to keep track of all those tasty bivalves. Enter: Oysterpedia, literally an encyclopedia of East and West coast oysters complete with photos and your own personal ratings. Free (Lite) or $1.99 for Pro version.

4. BaconReader – By far the best app I have found for all that time we spend on Reddit. Sign in to see your personal subreddits or just browse at your leisure. Free.

5. UrbanDaddy – Oh man this app is so fun! Not sure where to go tonight? Just select your “choices” and hit submit for a list of bars and restaurants that meet your chosen criteria. It’s Saturday around 9pm in Philadelphia and you want low-key drinks with the girls or a swanky night out with your mistress? UrbanDaddy will tell you where to go! Free.

6. Uber – Uber is a fantastic car service with a great website/app. The initial flag-drop rate is more expensive than a taxi, but when you’re stuck in Fishtown at 2am, it’s really nice to “order” a towncar or SUV with GSP tracking to show how far it is, plus the app shows you a photo of the driver and the license plate number. Sign up with my link for a discount on your first trip! Available in 20 countries and 30+ U.S. cities. Free.

7. Google Keep – Ah, the To Do list, how would we survive without it? Keep is the perfect tool for keeping track of everything from your grocery list to your GRE prep homework. Color code, make checklists or just write a note, and set reminders to pop up at a certain time or place. Free.

8. I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock – I am absolutely terrible at waking up on time, and if you’re anything like me then this app is a must! Set tasks like memory games, math problems, shake, barcode scanner, or geography (or several of them in a row) that you must complete before you can turn off the alarm clock. Prone to snooze? It’ll check up on you, and if you don’t respond in 30 seconds you will have to complete the tasks all over again. Free.

9. SwiftKey (The Boyfriend’s vote) – Struggling with the default keyboard? We were too, and SwiftKey is absolutely worth the investment. The layout is great, the predictive text is excellent (and occasionally hilarious), color choices are endless, and it’ll save you 10,000 keystrokes before you know it. Multiple languages available, and it comes with Swype too if you’re bold enough. $3.99.

10. Safe Notes – Sometimes it’s good to have an extra copy of a credit card or insurance card number, medical history, or other private information on your phone, but the thought of it falling into the wrong hands is pretty scary. Give yourself an extra layer of protection with Safe Notes – a notepad with its own password or swipe combination so even if someone gets their paws on your phone, your extra-private information is still safe. Free.



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