Ahhhhh! I am ecstatic to be heading out to Oregon this weekend to visit The [Wonderful] Boyfriend for 10 days of UFC matches, excellent food, camping, and celebrating our first year together. I don’t usually write entries like this, all personal and girly, but sometimes I guess it just needs to happen!

I’ve said in the past that I will write reviews for local restaurants providing good Slow Carb/gluten-free options. I have written a few, but it’s definitely something I would like to do more of, especially since trying out new restaurants is one of my favorite things. I guess I thought if I wrote it out as a new “goal” on my blog, it would motivate me to actually start doing it (for fear of you calling me out on my lazy restaurant review writing), so there. I am going to be in Oregon for a week and a half and always keep a pretty detailed list of our activities, so maybe this is a good time to work on some restaurant reviews AND travel writing. Stay tuned for reviews of some of my Portland favorites!

Ok the real reason I started writing this post is because I am just super giddy and wanted to share the newest addition to MY “Royal Family”. He arrived today by UPS, weighing in at a solid 14 pounds:

my new baby!
my new baby!

This guy caught me totally by surprise, an absolutely wonderful anniversary gift from The Boyfriend, who has taunted me for days about a present coming my way (now totally makes sense why he had it shipped to me directly). I am the incredibly proud new owner of a Cuisinart 9-cup food processor in brushed stainless. It comes with two blades (a regular one for chopping/mixing and a dough blade), two discs (4mm slicing blade and a medium shredding disc), and all the components are machine washable! For those of you that don’t know, I have until this point been using a food processor that my parents received as a wedding gift… 27 years ago, so this is super awesome. Really can’t wait to make my summer gazpacho now.

Just a reminder to like my page on Facebook and follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/Yelp! Be good while I’m away!

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