Weekend Update!

Hellooo lovely readers. I know I’ve been slow on posting original slow-carb recipes lately, but you try living with your grandma for the summer and see if it doesn’t cramp your style!

While I haven’t been posting new and exciting recipes as often as I’d like to, I HAVE been posting a lot of other great health and slow carb diet related articles on my FACEBOOK PAGE. So if you miss me during my MIA brainstorming time, come check out my page here and “like”/subscribe for daily updates on the newest Slow Carb Diet information and other interesting articles about health, nutrition, and fitness.

In addition to my Facebook page, I am constantly updating Twitter and Instagram so don’t forget to follow me there too! You can tweet @slowcarbsnacks and follow me on Instagram @slowcarbsnacktime where I am constantly posting my food choices for sticking to the slow carb lifestyle in the middle of a busy work day and other photos of my weight loss/fitness progress and living life with fibromyalgia.

Hope you guys are loving my stuff so far, please subscribe to my blog ’cause I have some super exciting new recipes in the works (and have fine-tuned a few others)!

Tonight I am going to try making scrambled eggs in a muffin pan so I have breakfast up and ready to go in the mornings, and a second, better attempt at my ribs from a few weeks ago. I also am currently defrosting a RABBIT so tomorrow’s dinner should be really interesting!

Thank you for all your love and support and I wish you the best with your Slow Carb journey – or whatever mission you are on, be it fat loss, muscle gain, or just a general desire to be healthier and stronger ❀

In some super exciting news, here is my most recent progress picture that I can’t stop staring at – if you had told me three months ago that I could do 30 push-ups now, I would have laughed in your face.

dat ass


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