OMG Bursl Prots

Woo, this is a crazy spring/summer. Wedding season has officially begun, but I am determined to get in a lot more recipes and soon – I have tons of meat in my freezer and it is begging to be eaten. Today however, I’m making some good ol’ green veggies. Major Brussels sprouts craving over here (and something that doesn’t take me two hours to make)!

– 1 bunch/bag Brussels sprouts, or however you buy them
– 3-5 small hot peppers like Thai chili or Serrano, finely chopped
– 2-3 tsp. duck fat or clarified butter
– Coarse Kosher or pink salt (to taste)

Pre-heat your oven to about 350*F and wrap a baking sheet in foil so you have virtually no clean-up later (my favorite thing). Remove fat/butter from the freezer or fridge so it has some time to soften. Rinse your Brussels sprouts well and pick off any particularly gross-looking leaves. Cut the brown butt of the sprouts (toss it) and cut the sprouts in half. If any nice-looking leaves fall out, put them in the pan too! The individual leaves will get nice and crispy while they bake and make for good contrast.

Once all your Brussels sprouts have been cut in half and placed in the pan, get started on your peppers. If you are a wuss like me when it comes to Thai chilis, follow my little trick for removing most of the seeds – usually the spiciest part of the pepper: Cut off the tip (where the stem is) and the tiny part of the end when it really begins to taper off. Hold the pepper between your thumb and forefinger and gently twist back and forth as though you are rubbing your fingers together. This should get most of the seeds out, and a few stragglers is just fine.

Add the peppers to the sprouts and sprinkle with salt to taste (I like ’em pretty salty)! Add a few spoons of the fat or clarified butter to your veggies and gently mix, you don’t want to mash the veggies you just want to disperse the fat/butter more evenly.

Place your Brussels sprouts in the oven for about 40 minutes, or until they are soft inside and crunchy outside.


bursl prots

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