My Favorite Apps (iPhone Edition)

These days, everyone is hyper-connected to technology – sometimes I have trouble putting my phone down just to go to sleep. However, if used properly, unlimited access to insane technologies can be a great thing. Here are my must-have apps for organization, dieting, and generally keeping my life together. Most of them are free too!

Update: I harassed The Boyfriend to check which of these apps are available for Android as well, and you guys are in luck for most of them!

In no particular order:

1. Wunderlist – by far the best app I have found to keep multiple to-do lists all in one place, share them if I want to, and still feel that rush of crossing something off the list (it makes a very satisfying sound). This app is also available for Android.

2. SafetyNote+ – a great place to keep all of your sensitive information, kind of like the “Notes” app that comes with your phone plus its own password lock. This app is not free, but I use it so much that it was totally worth the $1.99 I paid for it over a year ago.

3. Yocto Clock – I am the worst person in the world when it comes to waking up early, so if you are anything like me definitely check out this app! This is the only alarm I have found that consistently wakes me up with a huge selection of sounds and the option to use your own music from iTunes.

4. justWink – the cutest and silliest app for sending cards to friends for any occasion, and it’s free! Occasionally NSFW, but always adorable. This app is also available for Android.

5. Vivino – an excellent app for keeping track of new wine discoveries (of which I have had a lot since cutting out beer and liquor 6 days/week). This app is free, and inviting three friends will give you access to the “premium” features for several months as well. This app is also available for Android.

6. Fooducate – a supermarket must! Scan and compare your shopping choices and see how they measure up against one another, or check out the “eat this instead” recommendations. Warning: while the recommendations are usually on-point regarding healthier choices, the app once recommended bacon as an alternative choice to a vegetarian product (not that I minded, but some people might not find it as funny). This app is also available for Android.

7. Kitchenator – an adorable conversion chart to simplify almost any kitchen math conundrum! (Does not provide conversions with grams or pounds, but there are 28 grams in an ounce if that helps!)

8. WordPress – of course I had to say WordPress, it’s the best way to check out how many lovely people visit my site each day and make last-minute corrections for my rare typo. This app is also available for Android.

9. DropBox – the best way to access documents and pictures wherever I am, especially helpful for weight-tracking when I’m not at home. This app is also available actually way better for Android.

10. Ness – like a fancier version of UrbanSpoon, this app never fails to help find a place to eat and will provide recommendations based on other restaurants you like/have rated.

11. Yelp – I have no words, I can’t stress enough how often I use Yelp and how awesome it is. Recommendations, reviews, and information about everything from the food cart down the block to the best shoe repair in your zip code. This app is also available for Android.

12. Relax Melodies – while I did splurge for the premium version ($2.99), the free one works just as well. A fantastic white noise/ambiance soundboard and mixer for meditating or help falling asleep (the ocean/piano/thunder mix always knocks me right out). This app is also available for Android.

Have an app that you absolutely love? Tell me about it!

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