Dandelion + life lessons

So last night I went to Stephen Starr‘s restaurant Dandelion for dinner with my family – we have friends visiting from out-of-town *and* I just got my first real job out of college.

Anyway, the menu has tons of yummy things that us Slow Carb kids can only salivate over, BUT it was pretty easy to stick to the rules. A lot of the appetizers come with bread but are otherwise diet friendly and the wait staff was very accommodating for all of my “extra salad, no bread” requests.

For appetizers, we ordered a bunch of goodies for the whole table. Slow Carb-friendly appetizers included deviled eggs with curry and paprika (delicious), and the confit duck rillettes without the bread (tasty, but too many mushrooms for my liking).

The life lesson this evening was to pay more attention to things I read, and to speak up when something is wrong. Oysters have been my saving grace through most of my dieting experiments, one of my favorite foods, I could easily eat two dozen in a manner of minutes, so I was super pumped when I saw oysters on the menu. Problem: the oysters at Dandelion come with a vinegar mignonette (standard) and APPLES. What the #$%!? In my excitement over oysters, I just assumed the apples would be served on the side, as a second option to the mignonette. False! I got my plate, and all my lovely little oysters were covered in tiny chopped up apples. I spent the next five minutes furiously and painstakingly picking out all the tiny apple pieces from my oysters before I could continue eating. I was pretty upset about the whole thing and made sure to explain all of this to the hostess when we were leaving. She actually apologized quite a bit and said they would have gladly replaced my order had I mentioned it. To her credit, I will now continue with my generally-pleased review of my meal instead of the SLOW CARB FURY rant I had planned out in my head earlier.

For my entrée, I ordered the beef tartare with extra salad and no bread, and it was so freaking tasty. It’s food like this that makes me think I can successfully live a slow carb lifestyle.

This morning I weighed in at 182.6!

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