What I Eat in a Week: Intermittent Fasting

It’s been a while since I’ve shared What I Eat in a Week and since I haven’t talked much about intermittent fasting on the blog, I thought I could just show you instead.

Intermittent fasting is probably most commonly associated with the ketogenic diet, but the concept is the same regardless of how you eat. There are a lot of different approaches to fasting, but I follow what is most commonly referred to as a “16:8 split”, which means I fast for 16 hours/day and then eat my food within an eight-hour window. I did find that when I stopped eating earlier in the day, I had a lot of trouble sleeping (this is apparently not uncommon) so I shifted my window and now eat between 1pm and 9pm. I have been feeling pretty great with this approach and honestly not having to deal with breakfast is just incredibly convenient – I was never a big fan of eating first thing in the morning anyway.

There are a lot of articles and studies about intermittent fasting, LeanGains is probably the most well-known “group” and I really liked this article about it too.

I digress, you just want to see what I’m eating this week – which, admittedly, was not a great one. Far away meetings, birthday dinner for a friend, PMS, and the week before vacation have definitely knocked me out of my routine for a minute, but this is real life and sometimes this is just what it looks like.


This was a bit of a weird day because I had a meeting in Corvallis so I spent most of the day in the car and didn’t really get a full meal until dinner, but I definitely had lots of good snacks!

Lunch: Brooklyn Biltong Jo’Berg Steakhouse, Green Juice Gummy Bears, Larabar Lemon Bar, Chomps Cracked Pepper, Banana, Wild Friends Chocolate Almond Butter

Snack: 2 Siete cassava root tortillas with Sir Kensington’s organic mayonnaise and Brooklyn Biltong Jo’Berg Steakhouse, 12oz 2 Towns Cider Hollow Jack

Dinner: Two 3oz beef burgers, 1.5 pieces Wellshire Farms bacon, roasted purple potatoes, Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch dressing


A pretty straightforward and boring food day! A great example of how you can eat healthy and satisfying foods without spending hours in the kitchen.

Lunch: Two eggs, leftover roasted purple potatoes, Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch


Snack: Perfect Pecan Butter + 1 tbsp Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Dinner: Thai Red Curry Chicken with broccoli and spinach


An impromptu lunch date with my love this afternoon! I could have done without the soy right now, but sushi is not something I typically pass up.

Lunch: Syun Izakaya salmon/avocado sushi and scallop nigiri with tamari sauce


Snack: Perfect Pecan Butter + 1 tbsp Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Dinner: Instant Pot beef goulash with fingerling potatoes


I did not have a great day and then a friend came over for a birthday celebration, so a bit more indulgent than we’d usually go for during the week, but delicious nonetheless.

Lunch: Gluten-free turkey corn dogs, Sir Kensington’s organic mayo + Hot Mama’s La Femme Fatali hot sauce


Snack: Perfect Pecan Butter + Holy Kakow Agave Chocolate Sauce, 8oz GT’s kombucha

Dinner: Homemade pasta dinner with Tolerant red lentil rotini and chicken thighs (recipe in progress), 2 Towns Ciderhouse Made Marion, Capello’s Double Chocolate Chip cookies (four)


A long walk with the dog and a good workout called for a hearty lunch (and I wanted to finish my leftovers anyway!) I’m working on a new fish sticks recipe and needed some inspiration… also I didn’t feel like cooking, so we went for the easy route and just baked up a store-bought batch.

Snack: Coffee with 2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen peptides, NutPods hazelnut, 2 tsp Holy Kakow Agave Chocolate Sauce

Lunch: Leftover Instant Pot beef goulash with fingerling potatoes, three eggs

Dinner: Ian’s Gluten-Free fish sticks, Sir Kensington’s organic mayo + Hot Mama’s La Femme Fatali hot sauce

Dessert: Badass Banana Cakes


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